Made in Europe Line

Sustainable production of Jiu Jitsu gear and outerwear

2022-2023 plan

In 2022 we will launch a re-shoring project, focused on environmental sustainability, top quality and innovation, and production within the EU. Not only will this project significantly reduce our CO2 footprint, and create European jobs, but it will also allow us to produce the best products for our customers.


In the past 40 years, many European textile factories have been moved overseas, for the sake of maximized profits. 

We believe it’s important to actually build stuff ourselves, and that’s why we want to bring back manufacturing knowledge and jobs to Europe.

We will also be the only company producing Jiu Jitsu uniforms (Gi's) in Europe. The quality will be like nothing you have ever seen before.


By bringing part of our production to Europe, we no longer have to ship all our products on container ships or airplanes to get them here from overseas, before shipping the items to our customers. 

While this reduces our CO2 footprint significantly, it also allows us to keep production in our own hands and produce under strict EU environmental and labor regulations. 

At the same time we believe that people around the world should be able to have safe and rewarding jobs and businesses as well, while living in a clean environment. Therefore we will continue to work with partners in other countries to see how we can make a positive impact on people and their communities.


We need your help to make this happen! The best way to support us is by supporting yourself with high quality Ground Force Jiu Jitsu gear and Outerwear products.

To follow us on our journey, you can consider subscribing to our Youtube channel (for free of course), where we post vlogs and other videos.

Our new European factory will be in Portugal, and in time will have a Factory Dojo, where you are welcome to come and train, and test our products.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

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